Once when I was little we had a snow so deep we could tunnel through it. I remember at the time someone telling me that we would have a snow like that every seven years. You can imagine my disappointment when, after waiting seven freaking years, it did not in fact snow like that again. Maybe that’s when I became a pessimist?

Well we have had a lot of snow this month, and people are all Armageddon! Global Warming!!. I think it’s probably not either one of those, as last year our pool was frozen for days and it hasn’t yet gotten that cold this year. The more likely explanation is that moisture and colder temps collided at the same time. Genius.

And while we are talking about snow here, what the hell makes people want to eat it?? It is precipitation from the SKY. People, you don’t put tea bags in rain water and call it tea, why the hell would you put cream in snow and call it ice cream? Disgusting!

Emma’s had strep and an ear infection, though you couldn’t tell it from her behavior. She is just as energetic as when she is well. She is such an awesome kid. She just amazes me!

Ava is starting to eat some cereal now and seems to be liking it. I’m not pushing it too fast though. I just want her to do things in her own time. That seems to work for us.

The streets are clear and I am off to the gym to keep working at this silly postpartum body. Always a struggle!

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