I wonder if writing my blog would be more fun if I had an actual audience.

I hesitate to share this blog with my IRL friends, because sometimes I just want to gripe and I’m not sure they need to read it. Or maybe I just don’t feel close enough to them to let them into my head.

I disabled my FaceCrack page this week. It told me I had over 300 friends, yet when it came right down to it I only corresponded with about 10 or 15 of them regularly on there. Yet, every day, nearly 300 people were able to access my photos, personal information and conversations. It is sort of disturbing in a way, to think that I opened myself up to that when the reality of it is, if any of those folks actually cared about me I wouldn’t need a social networking site to prove that. No one has 300 friends. Yes you may have 300 acquaintances but to call someone my friend there has to be more than a history and a computer screen between the two of us.

The truth is, I don’t have that many close firends. My husband is probably my best friend and I am ok with that. I do feel that my life is lacking some necessary female companionship, and I blame myself for a lot of that. I alienated a lot of people in my 20’s with crazy behavior. BUT a lot of them turned their backs on me at a time when I probably needed them most. Either way, the few girlfriends that I have live far away, and I miss them.

Maybe I should do a BFF reality show like Paris Hilton did?


On another note, I got a gift for mother’s day yesterday. A NEW REFRIGERATOR. Yup, I know. I have MOST DEFINITELY crossed some kind of line of demarcation from young and hip to very domestic and mom-ish and  I LOVE IT!


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2 responses to “hmmm

  1. Rebecca

    I, for one, am so glad you are blogging. I promise to be very interested in everything you have to say.

  2. julie

    glad i can keep up with you somewhere!

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