oink, oink.

Is anyone else panicking about the swine flu? Ok maybe not panicking but just feeling a little nervous? I mean, I work in a school for goodness sake. I work in the biggest cesspool of yucky germs you can imagine. AND I work in the library which is like a petri dish. Do you know how many filthy little hands touch library books each day? Do you know where those hands have been? Because I do and I can tell you IT IS NOT GOOD. Apparently the best thing to do during story time is to dig the biggest booger you can out of your nose, and trust me, a lot of them do this. The thing is, it’s story time so you can’t get up and miss the story to grab a tissue, so where do the big nasty boogers go? You guessed it! STRAIGHT INTO THE MOUTHS OF BABES.

Silent reading time is the second best time for a booger snack, and if it doesn’t end up in their mouth it ends up on the book. SO as you can see, the library is just the place to breed some nasty swine flu. Do you think it would be overkill to spray the kiddies with Lysol as they come in the door?

My darling baby is in day care and that is another breeding ground for all things nasty. AS eveidenced last week when she was sick with some fever thing. Now I understand that babies will get sick, but when the teacher and the baby in the bed next to her are both coughing….UGH. I will be so glad when the next four weeks are over and we can enjoy a germ free summer vacation!

The weekend here was glorious! We participated in the March of Dimes – March for Babies and it was great. Little E held out until almost the very end, when at about mile 4.5 she got hungry. I call that a success!Marching for Maddie

bottle break

We spent a lot of time working on our house, we bought it as a foreclosure and there are about a billion projects that need to be done. Our backyard is looking great and the pool is almost ready for swimming. Last check it was 70 degrees so we are about 10 degrees off! I can’t wait to get that baby in the water.

Monday is beautiful and off to a great start! Now if we can avoid the swine flu we will be great!


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