Why is it that every time my husband leaves the house my daughter poops? Really, she can go 5 days of no pooping (ok that may be an exaggeration) and as soon as he walks out the door she blows out her diaper. Is it that she just likes my diaper changing technique better? Is she mad at me about something. OR maybe they are in on it together. I can see the two of them now cooking up the scheme, him whispering “ok, when I leave let a really good one rip, and I’ll give you an extra ounce of formula tonight” and her giggling at him because she thinks he hung the moon.

And she DOES think he hung the moon. All he has to do is poke her with his finger and she laughs at him. She thinks he is funny, which is odd because I so often think he is NOT FUNNY. Me on the other hand, I could do cartwheels wearing a clown suit across the kitchen and I might get a chuckle. It’s crazy the things you will do to try and make your kid laugh. I mean have you ever made the same faces or sounds at yourself in a mirror? It IS funny, but only in a horrifyingly  grotesque way that makes you wonder if your kid really secretly thinks you are crazy.

What she does not think is funny is tummy time. That girl hates being on her tummy and it is so hard to watch her lay there and go from grunts of unhapiness to whimpers to full out “get me off my belly!” wailing. What’s a mom to do? All the literature says tummy time is important, my ped says tummy time is important, hell, even my own mother who usually thinks every thing I say when it comes to parenting is silly nonsense thinks tummy time is important. In fact, her words were somwhere along the lines of “If she doesn’t lay on her tummy, her brain will not develop properly” (maybe another exaggeration). But my girl will not have it. SO any suggestions? Anyone’s baby hate tummy time and turn out normal anyway? I welcome any words of wisdom from one paranoid mother to another!


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