penny for your thoughts

Things that are on my mind today:

  • Maddie’s mom. Her grief is so palpable. You just want to reach through the computer and wrap your arms around her and take her pain away. The way that it all happened is just so hard and unfair. I cannot fathom what she feels and how she will get through it all. I will pray every day that she finds some peace in this awful tragedy.
  • My daughter. This week Maddie’s story has made me stop and really embrace what is most important. I don’t run into daycare and set her carrier down and run out. Instead I take her out, I hug her, I kiss her soft little baby face and I make sure she knows how much I love her. I don’t rush in the morning if she is in the mood to play. If I’m late for work, I’m late for work, but I will not miss one glorious moment of joy with my sweet girl.
  • My husband. Back to the what’s important stuff….he is so neglected sometimes. He is so good. Such a great man and friend and father and person. Half the time I am so busy being mom that I don’t really see him. This morning I started to drive out to his worksite on my way to work just so I could lay a big fat kiss on him. Luckily I called him and found out he was still on the interstate before I drove around looking for him. Tomorrow though…I just might. I love him and he needs to know it every minute of every day.
  • Money- never enough. Never. Yet I just keep on spending like I have it. Today I bid on an item in an online auction, certain I would be outbid by someone else. Except I wasn’t and now I have to pay for said item. YIKES. I just finished shifting a bunch of credit card debt around so that I could avoid interest for another 6 months, and yet I keep spending. I MUST get this under control.
  • 5 o’clock. There are so many other things to write about, like toes in mouths and squealing and such, but it is 5 o’clock somewhere and right now that is here. I must head home to the life I love. It’s all so good.

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